Silver & Home is a project of Gérontopôle Friborg / Freiburg that aims at obtaining a better match between the products and services developed by companies and the needs of seniors that are looking for a better quality of life at home, in adapted apartments or in nursing homes. Silver & Home collaborates with companies that propose gerontotechnologies as products or services, with service providers in the field of aging and, last but not least, with seniors, the end-users of these products and services. Silver & Home is interested in different types of gerontechnologies, which can be grouped around 4 main categories.


  • Security

    Among the gerontotechnologies to increase the feeling of security, we find all technologies linked to automatic fall detection and to home automation... Read more


  • Showroom

    The Silver & Home showroom will consist of a 3.5-room apartment equipped with different gerontechnologies. It will reconstruct the living environment... Read more


  • Apartment

    This 3.5-room apartment is designed to recreate the different living environments of senior citizens. The living room will be devoted to... Read More