This 3.5-room apartment is designed to recreate the different living environments of senior citizens. The living room will be devoted to receive visitors and will be used as a main test site. The kitchen and bathroom can also be used to install and show gerontechnologies.

At Home

A room in the apartment will be dedicated to recreate the typical environment of a senior who lives independently at home. Any gerontechnology that can support home care will be installed in this room.

Nursing bedroom

This room will be configured as a nursing home bedroom, with adapted furniture and gerontechnologies that facilitate the care of the most vulnerable seniors.


The Silver & Home showroom is located in the Diabolo Menthe building, which houses 42 apartments for seniors and the headquarters of Pro Senectute Friborg. This residential complex is located in front of the blueFactory innovation site, few minutes from Mozaïk (headquarters of the University of Applied Sciences of Health (HEdS) and Social Work (HETS)), the Quadrant (headquarters of the Friborg Association of Institutions for the Elderly (AFIPA) and the Friborg Association for Home Care and Care (AFAS)) and the Pérolles campus (headquarters of the School of Management (HEG) and the School of Engineering and Architecture (HEIA)).