Project Manager

Leonardo Angelini

Assistant Professor at HEG-FR and researcher at HumanTech Institute.

Members of the Steering Committee

Emmanuel Michielan

Coordinator of Gérontopôle Fribourg/Freiburg and Director of Pro Senectute Fribourg

Elena Mugellini

Professor at HEIA-FR and head of the HumanTech Institute

Laurent Houmard

Professor at HEG-FR and co-responsible of the Institute of Social and Public Innovation

Bertrand Oberson

Project Manager at Réseau Santé et Social de la Gruyère (RSSG)

Marc-Olivier Kolly

Executive Assistant at Résidence Le Manoir

Former Members

Jean-Marc Groppo

Director of Pro Senectute Fribourg

Thierry Müller

General secretary at Association Fribourgeoise d’Aide et de Soins à domicile

Laurent Houmard, Emmanuel Michielan, Elena Mugellini, Thierry Müller, Jean-Marc Groppo, Leonardo Angelini