The Silver & Home showroom will consist of a 3.5-room apartment equipped with different gerontotechnologies. It will reconstruct the living environment of an independent senior and of a nursing home resident. One bedroom will be dedicated to the domestic context, while the other will be a simulation of a nursing home room. The apartment will be located in the Diabolo Menthe buildings, the residential complex managed by Pro Senectute, at Passage du Cardinal 18 in Fribourg.

User tests

In order to improve the suitability of the gerontechnologies for the needs of seniors and service providers, Silver & Home will conduct user tests of the products and services proposed by companies operating in this sector. This will help to discover which products are best suited to meet the identified user needs and will help collecting constructive feedback to improve these products.


Thanks to a technology watch and user testing conducted in the showroom, Silver & Home can provide advice and recommendations to service providers for seniors. Individualized advice will be provided throughout the project and collected in a white paper and/or a computer platform accessible to stakeholders.