Co-assist : the first alarm watch for indoor and outdoors with an autonomy of 2-3 months

Availability: 01.05.2019 to 30.10.2019
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Co-assist is the first alarm watch in the world to be able to secure the elderly both indoors and outdoors thanks to its exceptional energy autonomy of 2-3 months. Co-assist is a small watch that displays the time and therefore is not perceived by the user as a marker of his dependence. It is used to signal an alarm with a button and automatically detects heavy falls thanks to an accelerometer and an altimeter. The watch also automatically detects when it is no longer worn after a configurable time. Equipped with a GPS, it allows to find the user when an alert is sent outside of his home. For disoriented people, a position tracking can be activated to signal an alert when they move away from home, the energy autonomy of the watch in these conditions is then 1-2 weeks. But above all, Co-assist allows to alert in the home without having anything to install and outside with an autonomy of 2-3 months. This is made possible by communication on the Sigfox low-power network that covers a large