DFree is the first toilet-timing wearable device

Availability: 01.05.2019 to 30.10.2019
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DFree measures the size of your bladder by an ultrasound system. With DFree, feel no more stress of urinary incontinence, make it to the bathroom in time. Thanks to notifications on the DFree app on your smartphone, you know in advance when you will need to get there. Commercialized in a professional version, where the caregiver gets notified, and in a personal version, where the user is notified himself, DFree enables to regain dignity, self-confidence, and to save precious time for the staff in nursing homes, rehabilitation centers or hospitals. Worn by already more than 2000 users, multiplying the awards including the famous CES 2019 and having raised the equivalent of 15 million euros of funds, DFree seeks to make itself more widely known by offering a free test for 2 weeks in BtoB and having a “satisfied or refunded” offer in BtoC, which will be available from 3 April 2019 on dfree.biz/en.